Windwaker Sequel Confirmed


<img src=“”> Woo, sweet. I really should buy Wind Waker one of these days.

Yeah, same here, TD. I’ve heard mostly good things about it.

The second one looks good too, though.

<img src=“”> Actually, the only reason why I haven’t bought it yet is that it has been out for less than a month here, and I’m short on monay.

It’s a good game, but it has it’s faults. I’d suggest reading a few reviews, and maybe renting the game.

<img src=“”> Eh, I’ll buy it anyway. I know about the faults, but I really need a few new games to play, and there isn’t a whole lot of other stuff out here. Well, besides Prime and SoaL, but I plan on picking those up as well.

And sadly, this sucker won’t be out for bloody eternity.

Well, like the site says, a playable version should be out in time for E3 next year, which is only a year away. As such, I project a late third or early-mid fourth quarter release 2004 release.

And that’s most likely in Japan too. Which means no Zelda here for 2 years.

Bah to you. Just…bah.

Sad reality. I should consider getting WW myslef mainly due to the fact you get TooT with it…

Then again, a friend has it. Time to borrow it!

Well it shoudn’t take them that long to get everything done on the game if they’re mostly reusing the same graphics engine. I don’t think that even us Americans will wait too long.

I hope it’ll be as good as Wind Waker.
And you’re lucky Sinistral. You’ll get it months in advance to what I do. Bloody Europe.

If the new game limits the water usage and maybe merges it with continents instead of islands, we’d have a winner. imagines a OoT and WW combo drools… It could sort of be like Final Fantasy where you use boats to get from place to place, but the places you go are bigger and require a good amount of travel on land.

I’d say we’ll probably end up waiting the same amount of time between these two as we did for Majora’s Mask. Only this time it’ll hopefully be far, far, far longer. After all Wind Waker itself wasn’t much longer the Majora’s Mask. They owe us a 10-12 dungeon long Zelda with less boating.

:o snickers wind wanker…

I haven’t played Wind Waker, but I know that it’s good enough to deserve a sequel =)

<img src=“”> God, the Wind Wanker joke is so stupid. Almost as bad as Celda.

mega facepalm