Windows Messenger

How do I get rid of this annoying program?

Go to the control panel, then uninstall it?

Its not there.

If it’s the MSN-like messenger, get MSN Messenger instead.

If it’s the pop-up window, go to Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services. Scroll down to Messenger. Double-click on it. At the bottom, click Stop to stop it initially, then make the start-up type Disabled, so it won’t come on when you reboot. Click Apply.

It was in my machine, untill I sent it to the limbo. I use XP Pro. How 'bout you?

How about how do I get this annoying program BACK? This computer simply refuses to install it. =P


I had to remove both Windows and MSN messenger from my Start Up before Windows Messenger would stop signing me in automatically. I couldn’t get rid of it either, so I just ignored it.

He had to change his pass word so I didn’t automaticly log in. Thats After Untistalling it and it Still came back. I’m glad he uses ME and 98 now for MSN with the Save Password funtion off.

Big Nutter (Windows XP)
We need a chat with Bill Gates about that. Yup, from NedFlanders to ********. I like Simpsons, and I had XP going ‘Hi-didly-Ho’ on start up.

Windows Messenger is possibly the most persistant program ever. >_<

Who even uses windows messenger anyway?

No-one, when MSN Messenger is more convenient. :smiley:

I thought they were the same thing?

Technically yes. Windows Messenger is simply the outdated version of MSN Messenger, and Windows Messenger comes attached to Windows. You can (with some effort) remove it, but it’s easier to disable it and install MSN Messenger (which isn’t as persistant about auto-logging on).

Already done. Anything else I could do?