Windows Media Player issues

Lately, WMP has been refusing to work. Every time it starts up, it tells me that:

  1. It is not installed correctly


  1. It has the usual “fatal error” problem.

It started with version 9.0, so I upgraded to 10. It didn’t do a damn thing. Can somebody help me, or possibly show me another player that plays .wmv files?


Do a search for ‘media player classic’. Its got no frills, but it runs very well. I like my media players like that.

I had that once. Reinstall it.

You know you will have to do it, so why do you still come here to ask what to do?

you should go quicktime

I already reinstalled it. Many, many times. I even re-downloaded the install program many, many times. It didn’t work any of those times.

You should have mentioned that then. Anyway, I’ve had this kind of problem before and I could only solve it by reinstalling XP altogether.


Didn’t your mother teach you not to curse with infectious diseases?

at least he didn’t say real player…