Windows Media 9 and Linux

I want to capture a picture from a video I made in Windows Movie Maker. I can’t capture the screen in Winodws since when ever I do, it is just a black box where the player is. In Linux I know how to to capture stills from movies easily, so I tried putting the file on my Linux computer to play it and then jut capture the still. However, the video was made in Windows Movie Maker and is not supported by my laptop (the computer with Linux) since it is Winodws Media 9 and above. My laptop plays wmvs (the type of file it is), but I need a newer codec and I’m not really sure where to get it or if it is even available.

In case my rambling and nonsensical thing above didn’t make any sense, here is hopefully a clearer version of what I’m trying to say. Where is a Windows Media 9 codec for Linux? I have the codec to play wmvs, but not 9 and above. Is it possible and where can I find it?

apt-get install totem</strike>

Forgot, I incredibly modded my Totem player with a codec and image capture. I’m not too sure.

Get Media Player Classic, you can assign taking working screenshots to a button in Windows.

How you mod Totem and get the codec? I was planning on using Totem since it has the option right there.

I’ll try that TD.

EDIT: It worked as you can see by my new avatar. Thanks TD.

<a href=“”>mplayer</a> should be able to support the WMV3 (which is Windows Media 9) right out of the box. But check their <a href=“”>codecs page</a>, it’s been so long since I had to d/l it I may have had to get some additional codecs and forgot about it.

Or try <a href=“”>VLC</a>. I haven’t tested it, but it pretty much plays everything without any configuring.