Will square/enix stop making money off FF7??

Don’t get me wrong I loved FF7 but will square still be making money off this game when I am old??? 0_o

Dude, its a fanservice, just like Final Fantasy X-2 was. If you were a corperation and could make somthing you KNEW your fans would eat up like bread and butter wouldnt you do it?

I liked it too, it will also expand on a world that wasnt really that developed beyond the game itself. I know I praise FFT all the time, but in comparison, the team that worked on Tactics just did more attention to detail in the broader sense of things with the WORLD.

So in short, FF7 is a great installment in the series, the movie looks badass, the animation is top notch, not as great as Pixar’s but still great. I mean, the first FF movie was pretty, but the animation lacked finess. As in, the exaggeration that is an integral part to CG or Traditional animation all across the board.

Thats why I am mad that EQ2 is using motion capture. You cant do NEARLY as much with motion capture that you can accomplish with a very skilled group of animators.

If I remeber rightly FF:TSW was done with a mix Motion capture and Hand done (Like Stop frame, Like Chicken Run but on PCs). Chances are it’s the same with FF7:AC.

Motion capture is exelent for walking and talking at the same time, like Cloud and Tifa on Phones. and I presume the FFX-2 dancing is Motion capture

Pixar have to Stop frame their work becouse of the characters, but they film people/themselves acting out the scenes and work from there. (Best way to convert real person to monsters/Fish for dialoge).

If you know what your fans want give them it.

It’s the reson why Jack Bauer has done 3 days in 24. and Spike in Angel (who sounds like Squall).

Big Nutter
Its becouse you can’t find many PSX FF games in manchester City centre. I looked for 9. only 2 FF8.

For simple things like walking, yes. However, look at everquest II. All the combat was motion captured. It pisses me off because it takes quality 3d animators and turns them into little more than Motion Capture Technicians.