Will spoony ever...

…Stop wasting comics on simple actions?



Also, the crystal was Sephirothed!

How about the plotholes? Anyone wish to cout up the dammage DT has had inflicted on him since the start of this story?

They have healing items, just because I haven’t revealed them yet doesn’t mean they’re not there. TD and Lunaris are experienced enough to have healed up before running into the crystal room after being unTimestopped, and TD has more than 600 HP (NOW he does, anyway).

The following is a geek rant: Proceed at your own risk!

(this calculation is brought to you by Chrono Cross…I started playing it again…so I’m anal about numbers…)

You’ve pushed me to show how much free time and/or no life I have!

asumming TD was at full heth before facing the time stop guy, the math dosn’t add up.

fire rain: 98
Mega Bolt: 154

the Pheonix attack as stated did not heal TD.

after 252 dammage, TD did the whole “Ctiticle health” Stance (IE. down on one knee) since the avrage RPG has the critical at about 20% of max helth he would have about 315hp, meaning after the attacks he’d be down to 63hp.

Unless he was able to level up realy quickly before being delt 549hp worth of damage.

Then again, this is all asumming you are following “Avrage” RPG rules.

God I am such a geek…

Yes, assuming he was at full heath before facing him. However, he was wounded before entering the Compendium (or rather, he just never bothered to restore his HP after jumping up several levels, leveling up doesn’t restore HP to full), and Lunaris is the one who insisted on healing before running into the crystal room.

I’d also like to invoke the ‘shut up it’s just a sprite comic’ rule, and the ‘I’m not good at math’ rule. :stuck_out_tongue:

Or we can just assume that I’m AWESOME. Total twink, here.

I’ll assume TD’s awesome.

Yeah, sure. Why not?

When has Dragon Tear has been in the Comic?

I’ll agree to that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

…no, he never has and never will. IT IS HIS DESTINY!