Will Ozai be the FINAL boss in Avatar?

I’ve been watching it for a while now, and it just seems to me that most anime stories have a the villain after the final villain at the end of the series. Avatar seems just like every other anime series in this aspect, so i thought perhaps it will not be Ozai whose the real evil, but Koh who is the puppet master!

He told Aang they’d met again, and is evil enough to want to destroy the world by using both Sozen to start the war, and Ozai to try to end it. What do you all think?

Co-creator Bryan Konietzko remarked “When we came up with the original concept for the show, we intended Aang’s first journey to culminate by facing the Fire Lord in the third season. We’re excited that we will be able to complete that original vision for the series and allow Aang to meet his fate”
This implies Ozai will indeed be the final villain. Koh doesn’t seem to have any motivations to destroy the world. If anything, that would kill Koh’s face supply.

Doubt it, although, I still say Koh’s gonna pop up somewhere. (Can you say, Lu Ten?)

Gamer makes a good point with Koh’s face supply being depleted witht the world ending and all, put perhaps he might want to simply conquer the world, and using humans to do it. It might make an interesting twist, where a possible fourth season or a made for tv movie when the series ends next year comes about.