will a ps1 emulator work on my computer?

im asking cuz i have an n64 emu and the framerate is incredibly slow…i have windows 98 pentium 3, 450 mhtz, 256 memory

Due to laziness, I’ll say just this:
You be fucked. (No, it won’t work)

Actually, VGS can probably run quite a few games- I had a 350 Mhz Windows 98 and less RAM, and I could run it just fine.

i found 1, but it said that u need the actual game in order to play it…

Yeah, that’s the way it works with most of them. Even if it works differently, good luck actually finding the ISOs.

You need either games or ISOs to play it. Just so you know, the ISOs are 650 megs a piece usually. Most games pack em full and then some, and end up having to cut some stuff down to fit it onto a disc.

ePSXe could also work, you only need to do some MAJOR tweaking with the options to make it run smoothly on slow pcs…

Actually, his computer is more than fast enough from what he’s told us he has so far, the real question is whether or not he has a decent video card. That’ll make or break your playstation emulation, I’m afraid. So do you have any idea what your computer’s got for a video card, Meta?