Wild Arms XF-To get or not to get?

I’m huge fan of stragety RPGs and think Wild Arms:XF maybe a great game for me. Although, I don’t want ever level to feel a chore, constantly changing my class. I’m a big fan of challenging games(especially SRPGs), but if it makes makes the suck, no thanks. So please give your opinion on whether this game is good or not. If its as bad as TO in terms of difficulty, I probably won’t get it(TO was an awesome game, just too damn brutal)
BTW:I wasn’t too big of other Wild Arms title, but I have never played a bad strategy RPG except for Hoshigami

Wild ARMs XF isn’t really a strategy RPG. It’s a puzzle game masquerading as one. For the first few chapters, there will be one and exactly one way to beat a level. The story is pretty godawful (much worse than usual Wild ARMs games). I also found there to be way too many classes to keep track of. If I could go back in time, I don’t think I would have picked it up.

Hmm, well, Cid apparently your against WA:XF. Thanx for the feedback but I’ll wait for a few more replies. I don’t really care about the story aspect at all anyway. It can’t be worse than than FFT:A2:. I like games with a lot of classes anyway. My main issue is “only one way to be a beat a level”, thats annoying.

Was a poll really necessary for this?

Get it. It’s easily the greatest game ever in the history of everything. No game in the world that exists in this life time or any before it comes close to matching, much less surpassing, the unbridled glory and utter majesty of this game. When you cast eyes upon it they will be blinded by the sheer radiance it projects.

Buy it. Buy it now.

The story is far worse than FFTA2. TA2’s story was largely nonexistant, which is fine. This one tries, but fails miserably.

Dude, get real. You seem to wholly supported this game, but don’t give me a piece of info as to why I should obtain such. If you are serious, please effectively back-up your opinion.
BTW:I put in a poll because I was expecting to get a lot of contrasting options so I though I’d keep track that is all.

No, I’m not in an english class.

Of course your not. Although whenever you state an opinion your required to back it up. That last post was 100% SPAM, which I don’t appreciate. Look at cids post, he game me a good idea of what to expect. Not everyone is Cid, though people naturally have different opinions.
Bottom Line-Support your opinion and I’ll leave you alone.

Oh, and one more thing don’t lie about your age. If your really 25 you must really have a low maturity level.

Behave Drognar. There’s no need for DR to back up his opinion. Oftentimes when giving game recommendations, people don’t. You’re also in no position to say DR’s posts are spam or attack him for his age/maturity. Just disregard his suggestion if you don’t like the fact that it’s not backed up with anything. Besides, you could have asked for him to flesh out why he liked it rather than telling him to get real. Sugar instead of vinegar, etc.

Right… He completely ignored my first post about my preferences, and what I was actually looking for. The fact that he did that makes his post spam or at the very least SPAMish?
I asked for him to elaborate, and he gave me a another immature answer, that lead me to question his age. Also I hardly believed I attacked him, he me gave a non-descriptive, Sarcastic(?), probably mocking this thread to begin with. I wasn’t flaming him at all just try to encourage him to give a less vague answer, the whole “dude get real” thing should have been easily shrugged off.

Back on topic-so you haven’t played it, I’m guessing.

First of all, I was being sarcastic. I thought that was obvious. Second of all… what preferences? You asked if you should get the game or shouldnt you. It’s right there in the thread title. I answered the question. Third, I’d love to meet a 12 year old speak as eloqently as that.

And when ask if you should get something, it generally requires a yes or no answer. You shouldnt expect any elaboration. If you want elaboration on a game there are plenty of game sites to provide such info, including this one.

Agreed. If you wanted a full opinion, the poll at the top of the thread is confusing. You can’t complain when people say yes or no to a yes or no question. I happened to read the actual content of the intro post and therefore gave a bigger answer, but I can see how a reasonable person wouldn’t.

No one is “required” to back up anything they say. Free speech… heard of it? If you want elaboration, ask for it, don’t assume that you have the automatic right to it.

Also, age != maturity. I’ve seen incredibly rational and intelligent 12-year-olds and 40-year-olds who’ve never had an original thought in their life and spell like Molesworth. Accusing someone of lying about their age is an amazingly silly thing to do.

Calling people names is a sure way not to start off popular here. Take a step back and let’s get on with our lives.

System-Stages should not feel forced,I want to have some freedom of choice, not have a narrow and specific strategy shoved down my throat.
Difficulty-should be somewhere between Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and Final Fantasy Tactics maybe a bit harder then FFT, just not brutal like TO

I’m a big fan of challenging games(especially SRPGs), but if it makes makes the suck, no thanks. Okay so that is 2 people who obviously don’t like WAXF. Also yes, I could see a 12 year kid writing that as a serious answer. Anyway, your forgiven, I’ll ask one more time why you didn’t like, you don’t have to answer by any means.

1.Yeah, I thought was pretty obviously just wanted be sure :wink:
2.See my first post
3. Sorry, I was mistaken.

I figure I’ll wrap this whole argument this way-You gave me a opinion about stating the game was crap. You see, I could care less about what you though about game, the objective of this thread was to see if you could take my interest(stated in OP) and make a quick reply about why or why not its a good game for me. Also the poll was probably a bad idea seeing as it encourages short posts. I’m truly sorry if I offended you a lot, I’m just really tired of seeing posts that miss the point of topic.

Me? No, haven’t played it. Only played WA3, but I read up on other WA games because I liked what I got, for the most part, out of WA3. I therefore keep up with other ones, albeit sparingly, to see if it would interest me. I would still like a more Western approach to a JRPG though.

Just in the future, as a piece of advice, if you don’t like the lack of explanation, ask for it. Say “Hey Dragons Revenge, I was wondering why you thought that. Would you mind explaining your recommendation so I get a better idea?” Or something like that depending on the situation. Like I hinted at, you attract more flies with honey than with vinegar.

At that point 984, it was kind of obvious to me that I wasn’t going to get anything out of him. People who don’t give respect don’t deserve it back.

Pot? Meet kettle.

I thought they* were saying they* didn’t give respect, so waiting for an answer from DR after that wouldn’t follow. I thought that was classy and hope I read it right.


People who don’t give respect don’t deserve it back.

I actually disagree with that. I think everyone deserves respect, whether they give it or not. They may not deserve your attention or time, but they all deserve respect. Not because of them, but because of you. When you start treating people without respect, you begin damaging the respect you have for yourself. Respect is free; you should give it out as much as you can.