Wild ARMs problem...

I’m in the Dead Sanctuary. A few rooms into it, there’s a room with some pushable statues and a wall I can bomb.
Behind that walls, there’s some fires, whitch I put out with the Vase. And there’s another statue that SHOULD be pushable. But I couldn’t push it. A FAQ I downladed said that in that room I had to “Push the statue onto the dark square.”
But the statue won’t move and I see no dark square.
What do I have to do here? Is my game just fucked up?

I hope this makes more sense to you then it does to me, but this is taken straight from a walkthrough, of that game. But I warn you this is a quick walkthrough from the back of a mag, and may only make sense if you’re playing it at the same time.

Here goes:

Blow out the wall behind the statue. Use the statue facing the left to open the left doorby pushing it onto a pressure plate, then use the statue facing right in the same manner. Put the red statue on the left square, the gold in the middle and the bloue onm the right, then bomb the green statue. Use the Tear Drop in the door in front of the SavePoint, then fight Boomerang and Luceid again. Grab the Dragon, Lion and Goddess Idols from the statuesand get the High Guardian Force. Head towards the statue in the room behind the three statues which had the Idols and use Jack to fight Zoa Zein to get Fast Draw Hint (Shadow Bind).

Items: Wise Slate, 4 Mystic Apples, Elder Scroll, 1 Crest Graph, Lunar Rod, Dragon Idol, Lion Idol, Goddess Idol."

If that doesn’t help, then I’m out of ideas. Anyway good luck.


My stupid FAQ left a part out…you were a BIG help. Thanks!

No problem, although I have no idea how you actually found what you were looking for in that, cause it still makes no sense to me.