Wild ARMs Alter Code F Music sample

The link below is a link to a music sample from the upcoming Wild ARMs remake; Alter Code F. It’s the overworld theme, to be specific. It’s in PSF2 format, so you’ll need the proper Winamp plugin (Highly Experimental) to listen.


For those who have listened, what do you think? I love the song, and I’m sure it’s an indication of how well the music will be in the game. But, I think it’s a little TOO extravagant for a simple overworld theme, you know?

Also, I’ve learned that there are 25 EX File keys to seek out in Alter Code F. Yeesh!

Where might one find this plugin?


the plugin doesn’t work dammit.

That’s odd… I’ve never had any trouble with it. Of course, you put it in the Winamp Plugins folder, correct? You’ll have to close and re-open Winamp, then try the file out. I don’t know why it wouldn’t work though.

of course

The size of the file seems… surprising… for a psf2 or something, which I think are like SPCs to SNES… nor did the plugin work for me.

On a second try, I extracted the file into my Plug-in folder and got an error. One I didn’t see when I just put it in my folder… would that mean that it’s damaged? Because, it didn’t work in the first place…

I already got the OST. Bwahahaha

Where did you get it? 8)

I’m getting it right now. DC rocks. Man, it sounds different.

I’m sure plenty of places have it in stock, AnimeNation for instance: http://animenation.com/cds-game-music-wild-arms.html

I still can’t play the damn thing. (I have Winamp 5.)