Wild ARMs: ACF delayed again?

According to both ebgames.com and gamestop.com, WA:ACF isn’t due to arrive till November 11th. Good lord. >_< I thought it’d be out next week!

takes a deep breath

Patience is a virture… patience is a virtue… it’ll be worth the wait… it’ll be worth the wait…


I’m cool, I’m cool! takes another deep breath

Worth the wait, worth the wait…

Agetec blames the delay on reasons that “can’t be disclosed to the public as of this time”. Also, the staff will not confirm nor deny that the game is coming out on the 18th of August, but there haven’t been any updates or anything as of late. So I’m pretty sure it’s delayed again.

I do know they’re packaging the game with a Bonus DVD disc. What that disc contains, I do not know. It may be the Wild ARMs series retrospective that was released with the game in Japan, but I have also heard elsewhere that there were issues with releasing that disc in North America, as Agetec doesn’t have the rights to the first 3 WA games.

I’m still hoping for an August release, but I’ll wait as long as I need to. Seeing as that Sony has said that they won’t be releasing the Wild ARMs games here anymore, I don’t care who localizes them and how long it takes them to do it. And hopefully, if Alter Code F fares well, Agetec will bring 4th Detonator to our shores (it’s been out since March in Japan. -_- )

We need that and Mother 1+2. grumbles

I assume that those “reasons that can’t be disclosed to the public” have something to do with SCEA’s aversion to good games. SCEA delayed Arc the Lad collection for years merely because of the “no 2D games” rules. It seems that whenever SCEA passes on an SCEJ game, it gets delayed for no good reason.

I just reserved it yesterday at Gamestop and they said it’s out by October 6th…heh…

They said just now that localization was pushed aside due to other projects, and they only just begun to resume work on it a few months ago.