Wild ARMS 3

Dalton i ask you ,s since you seem to be the WA-Specialist,

You know a good place for leveling up? Even without the EXP-Multiplier?

im about lv62-68 with my chars, and i had a hard fight with Kraken(?), but if i want

to face Raguragla i have to power up, so i need EXP and Gella


Do you know the Creeping Chaos trick? Start the Telepath Tower quest and destroy the first 5 towers, and enemies named Creeping Chaos will start appearing.

Here’s the trick though; they are worth 10000 EXP each, and they have an attack called Arc en Ciel that forces 7 status ailments on you. With the Full Libra equipped, each time you’re hit with Arc en Ciel, the mulitplier will go up by 0.7! Set your character with the Full Libra and pump up the Status Ward (name?) skill to full, and equip that character with Justine, then get into a battle with the Creeping Chaoses. Allow them to use their attacks for a bit (only one person will get the EXP at a time, but it’s no big deal), and when the multiplier is high and your FP is 100, summon Justine to kill them instantly. Killing just 1 Creeping Chaos in this matter nets you 100000 EXP.

didn’t know that trick yet, thanks…

You’re welcome. Actually planning to take down Ragu, I see. I hope you have Finest Arts and no less than 20 Full Carrots at your disposal, plus protection to every element. 8)

im breeding like crazy @_@ , i need carrots mega berries etc.

these monsters you mentioned, they appear as normal enemies then?

Once you’ve taken down the first 5 Telepath Towers. They’ll appear pretty much everywhere on the World Map. Whatever you do, DON’T finish the Telepath Tower quest until you’re leveled up, or you’ll have a real tough time finding Creeping Chaos.

OK, I’ve taken down some of the secret bosses yet (I was very dissapionted to see

Angolmois is NO secret boss, he was my favourite ;_; )

I just saw the map you scanned, which makes finding the towers much easier…