Wild ARMs 3: Can't find Telepath Tower!

I’ve read the book at Ark of Destiny and spoken to Roswell, but it’s still not showing up. And I’m pretty sure that I have the right area.

And as an aside, can someone give me the coordinates for Dim Root Path?


Says waht you need for Dim Root Path.

As for your telepath tower problems, you might need some specific items like Teleport Orb.

If it’s not showing up yet and you’ve done everything as indicated… well, I remember you saying you put the game off for a while and kind of forgot where you were in the game. Have you battled the Prophets in the Ruins of Memory? And if so, have you spoken to Lamium in the Ark of Destiny to actually open up the Dim Root Path dungeon? You may have to check the book in the library about that too.

It could be that you just have to visit Dim Root Path and actually enter the dungeon and go to the locked door to trigger the quest. If so, head to X:8189 Y: 21859, destroy the boulder there, then search there for the dungeon.

Good luck; the timing for the Telepath Towers quest is really stingy. But as long as you start it before you complete Deus Ex Machina, you’ll be okay.

I’m pretty sure I fought the Prophets, yes. I’ll check out Dim Root Path and try again. Thanks.

(BTW, nice avatar.)