Wii Have a Problem


A website chronicaling the endless collateral damage caused by careless playing of a wii.

Fucking GG.

This is the second thread of yours in a row that I fully expected to contain a human hand in a blender, being blended, that did not possess such a hand.
Do not fail me again.

Well, the hand at the bottom of the page is pretty close, actually.

I find it funny that that kid would have also been grounded if he had been playing actual tennis indoors.

That guy waiting for the Wii is so sad.

I was actually expecting this. The moment I saw the tennis game I immediately thought “Hey, if that string snaps, the remote is gonna take someone’s eye off” :smiley:

hence the Wii will fail

I literally threw up in my mouth a little…just from hearing the guy talk.

I’m gonna do it again, that was fuckin’ intense.

What I’m wondering is, do the games really require you to wave your arm about so hard that losing your grip means broken windows and TVs? I got the idea that the hand motions shouldn’t be that wide.

Ack. How smart of me to not get a Wii!

Having played a Wii, you really don’t need to swing very hard at all, either; hypothetically, if your wriststrap broke for SOME REASON, if you dropped either part of the Nunchuck controller, it definitely should not go flying more than like, two or three feet.

I would imagine the hard and crazy swinging would be a result of just the psycological effect of having to move the thing to control it. Hell, that is why you see some people play games and move the whole controller, even when it doesn’t do anything.

It shows your dedication/anxiety to win :slight_smile:

Screw the “small hand motions.” I want to go nuts playing the thing, thats what makes it fun. However, I think ill be picking up a grip glove and a stronger strap, just in case.

That whole fisrt thing about the broken Wii is the reason I wait a year to buy any console. After the first year, most of the bugs are worked out. Who’s idea was it for a motion oriented remote, anyway? All it does is encourage all the people that still lean left when they turn left on Gran Turismo. Poor, poor Nintendo. This will probably be their final mistake.