Wierd Charater Names

Yes, I mispelled Weird on purpose.
Now, tell the world the weird names you’ve given your character in…whatever game you feel like.

In Diablo 2, my first barbarian was named BillyBobX (incidently, thats what I named my latest Barb.), I once named an amazon ZonnyBGoode, I once had a pally named Electro_Spaz, and my most recent pally is named Mellowcorks.

I accualy saw that name in a dream…one about a videogame, too. :slight_smile:
I dreamed I was playing some fictional videogame, with characters based off players, and for some reason. I was Mellowcorks. o_O

Don’t ask.

People named Open, Closed and Computer respectively on B.net Starcraft.

Haw, I remember that =P. It was on Sin’s FSGS server… those were soom good times. Then Blizzard killed FSGS, bleh.

Actually, this was on B.net too :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh, I didn’t know that happened there too =P

I’ve actually played with all 3 of those you mentioned. They’re pretty kickass players.

Actually, I don’t think Open’s that good :stuck_out_tongue: Or maybe it was Closed. I can’t remember :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow…it’s like some sort of next-gen Who’s on First thing!

I had a barbarian who used frenzy with two swords and his name was “Cuisine_Art” On open I had “Blender” and “SliceAndDice”

I used the name “Akumu” in a pencil and paper game of D2 for my necromancer. It means “Nightmare” in Japanese. I’m not sure if that counts for “weird” but I thought it was nifty:P

Akuma does mean “nightmare” in Japanese, but it’s also a Street Fighter character (evil, obviously). Ironically, he’s called “Gouki” in Japan (no idea what that means)…go figure.

I didn’t know it was a name for someone else:P

Well, it was appropriate that you called your necro that; Akuma is actually the possessed soul of a dead guy. he’s also major badass; think Ryu if he wasn’t such an angsty bitch. He’s also the boss of Marvel vs. Street Fighter in Cyborg mode, which makes him even worse to fight.

Wicked. I’m hoping to play that game before too much longer.

Akuma is Gouki, that’s was his name befor he became Akuma by falling to the Raging Demon(Super powerfull forbiden technique that drag the user to evil and all that crap), and was the brother and student of Ryu’s mentor(Gouten or something like that.), and who killed him with the Raging Demon.

Well for some reason he’s still called “Gouki” in Japan.

Diablo 2: A barbarian named “Wak”

I thought the name was fitting.