Wierd-assed computer problem.... D@mn technology.

A’ight, a couple of days ago when I was still around my dorm, my modem/monitor cable was on the fritz, and only the screen would come on as a “Self test” thingy, but wouldn’t show the modems activitys.

Now, when I start it up, I get this message saying "Computer detected new hardware titled: and then a big blank space “Search for recommend drivers options, blah blah blah”. I’ve tried floppy discs, CD’s, all the few ‘drivers’ I had, and nothing does anything. When I cancel or get out of that, I just have this huge gray space with only the mouse to entiertain myself for about .00002 seconds. When I ctrl-alt-del for the “close programs” there isn’t ANYTHING on it! Yet when I use the “browse hard drive for drivers” or whatever, all my shit’s still there…

What. The. Fuck. Is wrong with this?

btw, it’s Windows ME

If I can get that fixed, I think my internet can work, since my roomate moved out and I don’t need to fuck around with an ethernet splitter…

My suggestion: Do a Reformat & Reinstall. And get rid of the ME dammit, anything’s better than ME… =P

Originally posted by Wertigon
And get rid of the ME dammit, anything’s better than ME… =P

Yeah, let’s get rid of Wertigon! :slight_smile:


I can’t get to the reformat/reinstall options.

And even if I did…goodbye music projects…

Well, do you have another PC around?

If so, can you back up any neccessary files?

And after that, just put in the ME installation disk.

Originally posted by Kagato Toujou
btw, it’s Windows ME

Yes. Windows ME isn’t the greatest…

But start with a start disk, and delete the Windows folder. It’s deltree windows. When you are in C:
Then install Windows. All your files should be there. With a newly installed Windows.

Thank you,

If I could GET into C…

Then I’ll try that.

Thanks for the advice…but I’m going to haul it up to a computer repair shop, 'cause I can’t even reach my desktop or start menu or any shit like that.

May I suggest www.knoppix.org ?

It’ll atleast get your files sorted out, so you can back them up on the web. And since it runs from CD, well… No installation neccessary. =)

Yeah, but I have to be able to GET to the internet in the first place…

Uh. Then how did you come here?

Well, of course you must use a start disk, boot from it, and delete the Windows folder from DOS. It’s DELTREE WINDOWS.

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