Wierd Al is like an Ex Girlfriend

He’s fun to listen to and just the sheer thought of him brings a smile to your face.

Wait, he’s nothing like an ex girlfriend.

Yeah, those would make him more like Jabricruds.

…Sounds like my CURRECT girlfriend.

I’ve always loved Angry White Boy Polka.

I found the Half-Life reference in “White and Nerdy.” :smiley:

I only recently discovered Weird Al’s music (thanks again, Val!) and I love it, not just because it’s funny, but because it’s good in and of itself!

My favorite is the “Phantom Menace” one. :slight_smile:

Dude finally broke the top ten. :o

what, where

There’s a lambda symbol on the side of a dumpster in the whole Star Wars Holiday Special scene.

Nothing Beats the Video For “Fat”


Points to favorite album

Weird Al rules!

I have never seen a music video of Weirld Al, but I love his music. I really like gets music A-L-B-U- Kerky!

Weird Al is like an Ex Girlfriend because he gave me the clap. ::bowser: