Why were the last 2 matrix movies different than the first?

A lot of people were unhappy with the presentation of the 2nd and 3rd matrix movies, there was something missing to each movie. I personally really liked the 2nd despite the overdrawn fights and the 3rd was decent. Nonetheless, the first had thta little extra pif that made it shine. I think this is because the 2nd and 3rd weren’t written or based on the same thing as the first after having read this. http://www.slccglobelink.com/news/2004/10/28/Entertainment/mother.Of.The.Matrix.Victorious-785067.shtml

Man must this chick be happy. I mean, wow. Even 1% of the profits from all those movies is 25 millions dollars. Let this also be an example of why it was a bad idea to allow large media companies to own larger marketshares (the FCC changed its regulations in the past couple years)

Fucking hell, stupid link. anyway, the Wachowski brothers edited out 30 minutes of content to try to evade copyright infringement off a woman’s story called the 3rd eye. She sued in 1999 when Matrix 1 came out and it finally pulled through. Aparently, she’s also entitled to some of the terminator movie money and total, the settlement should be huge because all those movies had a profit of 2.5 billion together. The article makes a point that this wasn’t heard much in the news since AOL time warner, which owns CNN and other companies, made the Matrix movies.

I always argued that number 2 and 3 were written from the point of view of selling movies where 1 was written from the point of view of creating a great story. Averyone who knew anything about the Matrix shushed me and told me the lies that they had been trained to believe.

This lady officially rocks. I like her movies.

Megacorporations officially suck. I hate power of that magnitude that can so easily hide from the eyes of justice and popular will.

My take on 2 & 3 was that they used up all the interesting sci-fi plot on the first movie, thus turning the other ones into one huge ass stretched battle scene.

It wasn’t “bad” really, I knew from the first movie that 80% of the film’s substance was the cool SFX and kung-fuesque shit, but the remaining 20% plot was VERY good and I missed that in both Reloaded and Revolutions. And even though this has been said before by everyone who saw it, the Architect was the worst attempt to create a mysterious all-knowing character I’ve ever seen.

I liked the architect :P. But I tend to like confusing, convoluted, fancifully worded things.

Because in the 2nd and 3rd movies, we didn’t get the excitment of the shock that robots were using people as batteries, it just expanded on the first movie. Neo also plays a better clueless fish out of water guy then a superhero.

This was also the reason that the second MIB movie wasn’t good.


I like Xenogearish shit too, but this guy sounded like he was just trying to sound smart. It was like they first wrote his lines and then went trough a synonym dictionary just to find a way to make each word sound brainy.

And Sofia Stewart rears her head again. I’d have much more respect for her if she hadn’t played the race card, and if she hadn’t also attempted to include the Terminator movies on her list of grievances.

I’ve been following this on the Matrix Exclaimed forums for about half a year now – yes, I am that same Archangel – and like many of the others there, I followed the links provided for myself. I say that in adding Terminator, she destroyed any credibility she may have had. If she had stuck to her original suit, I would have bought that yes, she was ripped off. Then there’s the mysterious spelling switches between Sofia and Sophia that make me go ‘hmmm’.

Besides – she’s not won yet. She only won the right to take her case to court. Having just read what I can find of her script, Third Eye, I have found that she can’t even stick with her real name – the author of this seems to be ‘Zenia Kavala’. See For Yourself

The pages after include excerpts from her manuscript. Those of you who know your Bibles will note startling similarities to the book of Revelations… very startling, very obvious similarities.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much of the story there. As soon as I can find a suitible link, I’ll post it so y’all can, in the words of the Oracle, “make up your own damn minds.”

I liked the second MIB movie…

I never saw it, thats just what the movie critics thought

A lot of writers use pen names you know.

Arch, by all means, enlighten us further. I’m really curious to find out what the details are behind all this.

I can tell from the first page that this woman is a terrible writer. She’s obviously creative, but can’t write to save her life.

I abhorred the second MiB movie. There wasn’t a single scene that really made me laugh, and the story was much more ridiculous than the first one.

You know, it’s funny, because the only way CTHE gets rid of their MIB2 stock is to send it to my walmart in bundles with movies like Spiderman, for an extra 6 cents.

MIB2 had its moments, but it was still no where near as good as the first one. The second one is pretty much good for watching when you really have nothing better to do. Another problem is that most of the best jokes were used in the commercials or were basically the same as the first one, the only difference being J teaching K. The great thing about the first one is how it fit in with the real world.

Also, yeah Arch, many authors do use another name for their writtings. It isn’t surprising or uncommon for an author to write under another name like she did.

I’ve been searching, but unfortunately all I can find of The Third Eye are on the pages I’ve thus far provided. I read it over carefully, and have yet to find any similarities to the original Matrix save for her protagonist, I-Kahn, being the One. Let us not forget that the Matrix is not the only movie with a One – The One immediately springs to mind.

Also, yeah Arch, many authors do use another name for their writtings. It isn’t surprising or uncommon for an author to write under another name like she did.

Yes, I am indeed aware of this. I also write under pennames, but my main point had nothing to do with ‘Zenia Kaval’. The point was that the case is a pure crock of bull with people crying ‘racism’ and ‘conspiracy’, when there is no evidence of either in this.

I would be more than willing to read Ms. Stewart’s manuscript to see if indeed the Wachowskis stole her ‘script’, but the point remains that it is not available save for the two pages I have provided, which only indicate she borrowed heavily from the book of Revelations. I can back this up with chapter and verse, if need be.

I’ll keep an eye out at M-E for more information regarding the case, if I can get through all the “You racist!”–“You moron!”–“You suck!”–“You suck more!” posts in there. Oi, vey.

– Archangel