Why RPGClassics doesn't cover RPG news

<img src=“http://www.roflcopter.com/roflcopter.gif”>
…Inadequate transportation.

I’m speechless.

That’s so funny I’m on <img src=“http://doomworld.com/linguica/lollerskates.gif”></a>


PKT’s was funnier. :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought it was because zeppelin was a “lazy muthahfuckah,” but I guess I was wrong!

Shame on you both. Shame.

I thought it was because we had an inadiquate corporate sponser


Hah, RPGC is ill-equipped.

why do we need a corperate sponsor,

so we cant compete against the big guys, we change from the inside.

or we can go get a corperate sponsor.
im sure someone will cover our expensies, what ever they are…

We really do have the best engineers.

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Well, with a ROFL Coptor, I guess we would be able to report the traffic and weather. I don’t see how that helps RPG News though. :confused:

Zeppelin wins. His actually made me laugh. :smiley:

zeppelin has transcended to a high enough intellectual level where he doesn’t need language to communicate anymore. Just language-through-images.

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TD. Although he’s slipping.

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Haha, this thread is actually funny.