Why public transport rules

Not really anything else that needs saying really. :slight_smile:

Holy shit.

That kid was shaking in his pants.

Is my penis attached to your mom?

I don’t think this was translated properly. But none the less it made me laugh hystericly.

You should put that sprite as your avatar since it isn’t fair that you get to have an avatar and a sprite.

I mean, who is talking, the orange megaman or the little girl???

Adblock fixes all.

He actually said “Is my dick in your mom?”

If I were the person being yelled at I would have knocked the other guy th F*CK. No one does that kind of shit to me. Ask anyone who has tried.

Wow, Catonese people are under pressure :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

You’re tuff. With two F’s.

I just dont deal with poeple saying that kinda stuff about my mom. So dont think Im LOOKING for fights. I just deal with them.

My dick is firmly implanted in Simmer’s mom.

And I am video taping it for distribution on worldwide markets.

I’ll do the poorly translated subs for the Chinese market.

Warning: Cantonese People Under Pressure. Evacuate In Case of Fire.

It wasn’t that great.

I am firmly squeezing this gun’s trigger, pointed twords your face.

I dont want to watch this whole thing. Can somone tell me what its about?

I was hoping there’d be something entertaining at the end, like the kid beating the shit out of the noisy guy. It’s just some old guy yelling at someone the entire time about cellphones and shoulder tapping and tapping of moms

That’s pretty sick, getting off on your mom and me like that.

F*ck you for being so funny!

I will not resiset. It will only make the pain in my *ss grow.

And that’s exactly why I dont take the bus. Fucking wierd people. The last thing I’d want is to be lectured in something as useless as Rhaka with Simmers mom :stuck_out_tongue: