Why isn't...

Why isn’t there a seperate forum for RPGMaker? Just wondering…

I don’t believe RPGMaker is officially a part of RPGC, but I’m not sure on that.

Yeah, but neither is Online Life. Not offically anyway.


As to the forums question, there simply isn’t enough discussion. Sure, there’s the occasional thread on the main forum, but it isn’t popular enough to warrant a whole forum by itself (and there’s the Gaming Help forum besides). I guess Online Life and Rendezvous don’t get THAT many posts either, but hey, they’re pretty important parts of the site and their creators are cool, so whatever :stuck_out_tongue:

Alright. Thanks. (God, you seem to answer all me RPGMaker questions…)

I didn’t even know we had this page oO

Whee :yipee: I see a download page in progress. That means resurces for DT >)