Why in the world did I write -this-!?

I absolutely -loathe- the Zell/Library Girl pairing.
So why the hell did I write -this-!? Oi…:fungah:
I guess that was back before I created Yolei…Or something…
Either way, this fic is -old-. Like, from my Grade 9 days. Huh, I hardly remember writing the damn thing…
So yeah, read this if ya want, and be gentle sweatdrop cuz yeah, I’m not exactly proud of it…But that’s just me.

(And yeah, I’m well aware of the major screw ups, like the time in one part…Just bear with me, I swear I was high on something when I wrote this…Even if said something -was- oxygen…)

The moonlight shone through the open window, where a teenage girl sat on her bed, crying softly as she packed her belongings into a suitcase. Christy had really grown to love Balamb Garden, and would miss everyone and everything there.

Especially Zell.

She sighed, tears streaming faster down her cheeks as she finished packing. This whole thing wasn’t fair. She wouldn’t even get to say goodbye to all her friends. The girl glanced at her watch, to see that it wasn’t even 8:00 yet. An idea slipped into her mind. Perhaps she couldn’t bid farewell to everyone, but she could at least see her first love one last time.

Not wanting to waste a moment, Christy raced over to Zell’s dorm, knocking the door. The door opened wide, and he stood, first noticing the tears streaming so blatantly down from her eyes, despite how hard she tried to seem calm.

“Chris, what’s wrong?” he whispered, gently wiping some of the tears from her face with his fingers. She closed her eyes, pulling him into a hug.

“Zell…I…I’m being transferred…I-I can’t stay at Garden anymore…” she said, her voice hardly a whisper. Zell pulled her closer, clearly wanting to hear what had happened.

So she told him everything, the way her father had heard about the recent conflict with Galbadia, and had decided right then and there that he would do everything in his power to keep his family safe. That same morning, he had talked to Headmaster Cid, who tried to convince the man that Christy was safe and sound at Garden, and it had been arranged for her to leave the Garden immediately, and that this was to be her last night there.

“So I decided to tell you…Just so that I could say goodbye.” Her voice was soft, and sad. She looked up at him, the tears slowing their flow.

“Just promise…” Christy began, raising her head so that she was looking almost straight into Zell’s eyes.

“Promise…?” he asked, curious.

“I want you to promise me…Promise you’ll never forget me.” she whispered, clinging closer to him. Zell smiled at her.

“I promise. Even if I lost every memory I had…I swear I could never forget you.”


“Yeah. It’s like you’re junctioned to my mind.” He smiled again, and unexpectedly pulled her into a warm kiss, stopping only when Christy’s watch beeped. It was 8:50, which meant that students had to be either in the dorms or the training center. She sighed, pulling away from Zell’s embrace, and began walking back to her room. Zell stopped her.

“Wait…Just for a minute. I don’t know quite how to say this but…” He sighed. Christy glanced at him.

“Well then. Just close your eyes and say whatever comes to mind.” She smiled, hugging him again.

“Okay okay. I just wanted to say…That I love you and I’ll miss you.” A couple of tears were slipping from his bright, youthful eyes. Christy smiled sadly, knowing she had to head back fairly soon.

“Goodbye, Zell…” she whispered, kissing him on the cheek, then slipping from the hug.

“Bye Chris…I’ll be thinking about you…” Zell said, holding her hands until she walked out of his room and back to her room.

“I’ll never forget her…” Zell whispered to himself, and buried his head into his pillow, crying softly.

Somehow, at that moment, he knew that Christy wouldn’t forget him either.

And just WHAT is wrong with this story? Other than Zell acting too sweet (but hey, even HE must have his moments, right?) I found it well-written and touching. AND, pairing Zell with the Library Girl is the least odd pairing I’ve seen in FF8 fics like this. Don’t let it get to you.

True, True.
Hm, I think sometimes, there’re days that I hate -everything- I write, regardless of how good it was, and I think I wrote this on one of those days o.o

Very well written Mars. Hopefully you’ll pump out some more stuff. Again excellent work.