Why I hate '86 FORD Bronco's

Hey everyone, been too busy to post here much of late. Look’s like i’m missing out on a lot too. Anywho, here’s whats up.
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It all started when my bronco started to overheat, and wasn’t blowing hot air(bad thing for winter driving). Okay, so I pull it into my neighbors garage(to escape the elements), pop the hood, pull everything out. Okay, so what’s the first thing to suspect the problem to be… Radiator. But no, it wasnt, it was full.
Next thing, Thermostat. So I pull all the shit out that’s int he way(one hose, and a valve-thingy, really). Aha, the thermostat isnt working right. So, i replace it with a new one, put all that shit back in there, fire it up… still no heat. The next suspect is either the water pump or the heater core. To narrow down the problem, i disconect the hose leading to the water pump and then fire the puppy up. Success, no water was being pumped through the line, so my problem is that i need a new water pump. Major bummer, hit’s a fella hard in the pocket, but at least i’ll get the core charge back(only a fraction of what i payed).
So, anywho, i take all the belts off, pull out a few things i havnt a clue of what they are, and finally get the bloody water pump off(and soaked in anti-freeze in the process). Indeed, was all fucked up on the inside, so, i get it all sealed, and replaced, took me at least two hours remembering and figureing out which bolts went back through which holes. And then at least another three hours putting all that shit i took out back on. The power steering box was a bitch to get back on, i have three holes to simultaneously line up, and it really sucks trying to do that in low-light.
But, eventually i get it all put back, when lo and behold. I notice that the alternator doesent work. Another hit below the belt, but at least i get a core charge back for that as well. But eventually, after grueling hours and greasy grimy hands, it’s all put back together, belts right, and hoseclamps tight, and guess what happens when i fire it up ? No heat. Talk about a pissed off mofo !! There was only one more problem it could have been. The heater core. Finally, something i had to replace that was easy. It was almost alarmingly easy.
Then, my good friend Kevin points out to me that my right rear tail light doesent work. So i check the bulb, it’s good. Must be in the wiring. So, i lower the window and drop the tail gate, wiring is in check, no reason it shouldnt work. So, in temporary resignation, i raise the tailgate back up, and attempt to raise the back window. It wont raise. It should go up, the wiring for that checks out too. But nope, no go.
Soooo, in light of recent events, i feel it neccesary to express my deepest loathing of all things Ford, and warn highly against buying any vehicles made after 1980, unless you are rich enough(or smart enough) to hire someone else to work in it for you.

To make this post FF-related(and keep someone else from bitching about it not being FF-related) I like FFx-2, and think the hip-hop music suits it, and that i think Brother should be put out of his misery(and ours).

I take it that you know a lot about cars and how to fix them quickly.

I hope it al works out for you.

LOL, actually, i dont know jack about cars, at least i just know the basics of maintainance.This was a big learnign experiance for me. Allthough i did get the window up(it just went up on my ‘one last time before i blow it up’ tantrums), but the problem is still there for me to have to deal with another time.