Why does fan-poetry exist?

Has any of you ever read good (even passable) fan poetry? I wonder why sites don’t discontinue their “Poetry” fanfic sections.

This person writes poems: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/793798/

They’re not amazing, but atleast they’re not horrible.

Agreed, not amazing :stuck_out_tongue:

Now that I think about it there aren’t (m)any poems on books, films etc so one shouldn’t expect good poems on video games.

Yeah, poems don’t appear to be a very popular form of writing, atleast not in fanfiction.

There are good poems about music and movies and books, it’s just not as common. Bucky Sinister has an amazing poem about Batman, even. Poems about videogames can work, but it’s often harder. An MGS poem could be done pretty easily and effectively (see MGS:Portable Ops’ theme song), as could poems for some RPGs, maybe. They run the risk of getting into fantasy melodrama and pointing out plot inadequacies very strongly if you ever try. This isn’t a problem with MGS because there are no plot inadequacies.

I think a better poem about video games would be one that’s actually ABOUT video games rather than emulating the plot of one. It would be interesting to see a poem about playing a game for the first time, or the experience of beating a boss after trying countless times, or getting bored with a game you used to like a lot.

Well for starters, good poetry is hard to write anyway when you factor in rhyme schemes and the rythms. Most people can hardly spell ‘iambic pentameter’ much less know what it means. As such, fan poetry sounds to me to be ridiculously hard and probably not worth the effort.

Well said. If you can’t write a poem on your gf there’s no hope Mario’s anguish will inspire you.