Why did I just get ban from the chat for a month?

Okay, I haven’t been to the #rpgclassics channel since October, but I decided to return tonight…but within minutes of entering, I get kick/banned by a unknown person for a month. I don’t know if it was a joke ban or not, but it not very funny.

For a rather offensive death wish on dt back in October

Someone’s still holding a grudge for something that happened in October? And they’ve just been biding their time, waiting for Rirse to return? Sad.

But at the same time, I have NO idea what I’m talking about.

I am sorry for the harsh remark, but deadtear was always a jerk toward me. Everyday he says nothing but insults to me, considering me lower then meat. I never actually meant what I said…just something to get him off my back. At least if you going to ban me from the chat, tell me before hand, not with a generic “Your banned for one month”.

I figure you banned me on sight because I said I was back, and one of the ops thought I was some banned chat member.

I wasn’t even there for the polling, but if we make a comparison to the legal system, you don’t count fleeing to another country and staying there as jail time in the original country that it was committed in.

And as for not getting along with other chat members, well… wishing death on someone isn’t something I’d ever do, even over a relatively anonymous chat, and especially if they’re in a situation where it really could happen. I don’t see how it “gets him off your back” either. Everyone excepts ops also have access to ignore lists, but these never get used.

It’s pretty much as has been said. You basically said you hoped dt would die in Iraq, then promptly left.

Also, chat issue, not a staff issue. Moved.