Why are the chat rooms always empty

Hi- i am member Dragonquester- i have tried going in the chat rooms for #rpgclassics but i am always the only 1 in there. i downloaded the iMRC and filled in the info as specified but i always get “not connected” no matter what IRC server i choose or if i do get connected by using the recent servers list the room #rpgclassics is always empty- is there actually a chat room called #rpgclassics and how do i get into it with other gamers in it?

/server irc.opa-ages.com 6667
/join #rpgclassics

Try typing that in mIRC.

Or, y’know, use the java client.

Sounds like you’re not joining a network. You have to join an IRC server before you join a chat room. It’s not AOL Chat.

When you first open mIRC there will be a window open, don’t click connect to server, click the button to the right of that. Then click add, enter whatever you want into the description box (RPGC maybe). Then put: “studio64.yi.org” without quotation marks in the IRC Server box, and put “6667” without quotation marks in the Port(s) box. Hit ok a few times and then click connect, once you connect to the server type in /join #rpgclassics, there are rarely less than 20 people in at one time, and if there is no’one there you’re doing something wrong.

No matter what server i connect to i type in /join #rpgclassics and there is never anyone else in there- does anyone have a link to this chat room?

That’s because we’re only located on one specific server! Try connecting to studio64.yi.org (port 6667)

Try this command

/join #0,0