Why am I banned?

You could at least have let me know. ;_;

Cause I’m not there to make everyone look better by comparison. Bitch.

get back to the front lines you fucking baby-killer :kissy:

You can blame Ez for banning me.

You banned me because Ez banned you?


We share the same host, brit.

Oh yeah. :\

Jesus fuck, the ban has been gone for like 6 hours already :stuck_out_tongue: Get in :stuck_out_tongue:

you’re not the boss of me >:(

Yes I am. You’re fired.

you cant fire me because i quit

You’re both fired

Casts Flare

No… Now you’re fired. Or on fire, anyway. XD

lol nice. What a minute, im kinda confused. Why are u banned? Is this suppose to be a funny type of shin dig.

Yeah, can you post when U are banned?

This forum is for stuff regarding the Chat. People can be banned from the Chat without being banned from the Forums.

Don’t necropost please.