who's your favourate ff character and why

Hi everybody, it’s me again, so this time im asking who’s your favourate final fantasy character and why? just explain a little…:fungah:


It’s still on the main page, even.

That’s it, I’m stickying that stupid thread just like I sticked that other stupid thread.

I just want to listen to people, be outside a bit ok, so im srry for anything that I did to offend you or piss you off ok?!

4get it! this sucks I’m just trying to be a bit friendly and learn from experienced people and I just get a bunch of angry shouts?! damn u meanies!

I’m out…

He’s not talking about you. Well,m not personally. It’s jsut, we get this thread all the damn time.

I.e. there already is a thread for this. Please post in it.
Sorry if we sound angry, but we’ve had too many people all say the same thing.