Who's the monkey?

I know I have done this on another thread
but none of you thickheads replied

in the Donkey Kong Country games
who is the monkey?
(the rest are apes)

The monkey is Diddy Kong.

Doesn’t “Ape” contain all the monkey-ish species?

thats primate

there are three groups to the primates

monkeys have tails (babbons and those little black and white monkeys)
apes dont have tails (gorrilas and chimpanzee’s)
and humans

Diddy’s a chimp.

Basically , there are 6 orders of primates, Prosimians (lemurs, lorises, etc.), New World Monkeys (Prehensile tails. Native to the Americas), Old World Monkeys (Non-prehensile tails. Native to the Old World), Lesser Apes (Gibbons), Great Apes (Chimpanzees, Gorillas, Orangutans), and Humans. But since taxonomists differ on a lot of things, there is some variation among scientific circles, especially concerning the apes and humans.

The presence/lack of tails is not a good indicator of whether a primate’s an ape or monkey, since there are a few monkeys without tails. But no apes have tails. Therefore, Diddy cannot possibly be a chimpanzee.

Then again, it’s a video game, so who knows? =P

Cranky doesnt have a tail, does he? Come to think of it, i dont think Donkey did.

You guys are idiots. They’re donkeys.

there the stubbron apes
it cant be Monkey Knong like popular belief is that the origanal was spelled wrong,
because in the origanal there were no tails,yet there were no donkeys
so it had to mean the stubbron ape

I think the closet thing would be Dixie.

True story: Shigeru Miyamoto thought “donkey kong” meant “stubborn gorilla.” Hence, that’s what the original game was called.

yep yep all true.

because they are gorrilas wich are apes

and for the trilogy
do you think it would have been cooler to have Mario as the bad guy instead of K Rool
after all Mario commanded the Kremlings in Donkey Kong Jr.