Who's into country?

I got a bbq stain on my white teee shiiiirrtt. Tim McGraw, and Garth Brooks, hoooo doggy, thats some good listn’n I tell you whut. shucks howdy.

I do not really like country music, but I have been able to tolerate it to a degree when I have been at a country cabaret. However, I found myself drinking and talking more whilst country music was playing, and dancing more when they played other types of music later in the evening, namely dance, funk and disco (which was usually when the serious ass-shaking and girl-on-girl grinding began on the dancefloor).

I like the celtic-sounding type of country they play in Star of Tears from XG and Song of Mana from LoM. I’m not too fond of other country though.

Well, I’m a little bit country. And I’m a little bit rock and roll. I’m a little bit Memphis and Nashville with a little bit of motown in my soul.


Anyway, some of the older country was great. Johnny Horton. Johnny Cash. Hank Williams. All great. For some reason, I just wouldn’t classify todays country as country. Maybe Pop-Country, sorta like Pop-Punk.


Well I’m just X_COUNTRYguy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Country hurts my ears.

It’s not great, but it’s tolerable. Better than pop.

I can continue to see without blood stained vision if the country is in mild douces :stuck_out_tongue: But just, arg, I remember this one song, I’ll spare you the title, made me cry. Country is just… cruely to man kind. People who like country must be masicistic! :stuck_out_tongue: Or… something >.>;

So, like, no, I don’t like country. But alot of people must, considering how much is out there.



(Well, excluding Johnny Cash, he was pretty cool…he did a fairly descent remake of Personal Jesus)

It wasn’t “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy,” was it?

Okay, I’ve gotta share my single joke about country music now.

Y’know how when you play certain rock records backwards you’re supposed to hear satanic messages 'n suchlike? Ever tried it with country?

It’s scary: you get your wife back, and your kids back, and your dog back, and your truck back…

They have country music in norway?

No, country is the only kind of music which has never crossed a border.

I never liked country. Or jazz. I avoid those.

Country’s pretty good. It’s better than alot of other genres, like pop and rap.

With every genre, there will be a bad song. It’s just that the bad country songs aren’t as popular as the bad rock songs, bad pop songs, bad rap songs, etc.

Johnny Cash, bitches. Johnny FUCKING Cash.

That’s not true at all. I remember this one guy who was from Australia (whose name started with an O, I bet Hades remembers him), we had this discussion a few years back and he said that australian country was a lot better than american country.

Anyway, I like some Johnny Cash and some Shania Twain. A little Tim McGraw, a little Dixie Chicks and a little Garth Brooks. Just a little though, like 2-3 songs from each artist.

I was being sarcastic. =P

Nick Cave- some of his stuff is country-ish.

Uh, I like that scene in The Blues Brothers where their band plays country music at that one bar, and Dan Aykroyd sings the theme to Rawhide and some other songs…it was pretty cool.

Uh, I don’t know much country music but I hear tell the current scene is not that great. I liked the few Johnny Cash songs I’ve heard though.