Whoo likes 7th Saga?

I sure do!! NICE EH?

I have to defend…BEFORE I attack! It makes PERFECT sense! :smiley:

Allow me to direct you here: http://agora.rpgclassics.com/showthread.php?t=22897&page=1

Check Skankin’ Garbage’s words in Post #15 for a good explanation of my feelings towards this game and a small comment from myself in Post #21. Or the resumed version: FUCK NO.

Sat’s MOM!! :smiley:

That’s true. My mom LOVES 7th Saga. She also likes FF6, BoF1, Lufia 1, and the first 4 Dragon Quest games. She really wants to like Lufia 2, but the puzzle stuff pisses her off when she can’t get it. She likes the Zelda series, but the bosses move too fast for her.

Wow, my mother can’t play anything that hasn’t got Tetris or Pong in it.

I wish Mystic Ark would get translated someday.

7th Saga. If there was ever I game I couldn’t bring myself to finish, it’s this one. Not that it’s bad, by any means. Simply, I haven’t got the 50 billion hours you need to invest in it to finish it.


Plus ZSNES doesn’t work on my computer. :frowning:

I fail to see what’s so NICE about this screenshot. :stuck_out_tongue: I could never bring myself to finish the game either.

And my mom can only play minesweeper. She tells me how she scored at it everyday. She even showed her mom how to play.

Hey, my mom plays Snood.

7th saga has big sprites for a SNES game. If you look at it, it actually looks like a genesis game except for the mode 7 terrain during battle. I don’t think genesis could do that. But it looks kind of horrible.

My great-grandpa used to play DQ1 alot, because it was low and simple enough for him to follow, but deep enough so that he could play it for <i>DAYS</i>.

The guy was fucking hardcore. He’d do no armor/weapon runs, runs where he would try to keep his level as low as he could, runs where he would try not to get anyone killed. He was 1337.

On the topic of 7th Saga…jesus, what kind of game INTENTIONALLY makes you waste turns? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve never had to waste turns in that game. Although I’ve had to devote entire playing sessions to levelling up, and half of my battle rounds to healing, a lot… never mind.

My aunt was the King… Queen of Super Mario Brothers 3. The only world she couldn’t master was the sixth, the ice world. She’d play it when she was in school and off-shift as a stress-buster. (She’s a registered nurse)

A nurse? I could see her needing a stress-buster then. It’s a good thing she didn’t choose 7th Saga as one.

I played that game for a grand total of fifteen minutes, and then I wasn’t interested. I only fought maybe one or two battles…it just…uh, didn’t interest me from the get-go.

I have finished the 7th Saga, but it took a bloody lot of patience. The gameplay was decent, except for the whole defend-attack strategy in battles, which was just stupid. The ideas behind the plot and setting were interesting, but poorly executed. And yes, most of the game was boring because you had to spend so much time gaining levels. The ending was dull and unoriginal, and certainly not worth all the time that I spent on the game. And absolutely I hated it when the game forced you to fight other apprentices, especially late in the game, where your opponent could wipe the floor with you with a single attack or spell.

The only thing which redeemed the game for me somewhat was its soundtrack, as there are a number of tracks which I quite like.

The idea of the game was kinda neat, aiming to take over the world (for good OR evil) by aquiring some ancient relics, but the game itself was total crap. I tried bearing with it for a while, but it eventually got to me.

I assume you’re talking about the defend-attack thing that boosts your atk/def. Well, that was in DQ3, as well.

Wait, what’s this defend/attack thing? Is there something I missed out on?

Basically, if you defend and then attack on the next round, you will inflict more damage. I found that it just made battles more tedious.

And i don’t like DQ3 either. I don’t like most of the older DQ games in general, actually.