This is some really heavy body modification

WOW … and yet creepy at the same time ::dekar!::

Kickass. But really kinda stupid. Also WTF was that about genital work?

Yeah, I know. I really wanna see the update to it =P

That whole 3rd arm thing still isn’t more tuff than my spinal piercing
falls over

One’s gonna have three balls?

But that’s a weird article. But I think they’re cool for doing that.

That finger shot sends shivers down my spine.

I wonder if that third arm can move? You could draw a concept sketch in the bathroom and wipe at the same time.

All THREE of those pics sent shivers down my spine.

That’s…messed up. I wonder how many chicks they have. And yeah, I’m guessing they’ll switch testicles or something.

I have to say they have some serious bravery or some serious mental issues… Either way, cudos for fucking yourselves up like that. Its like the tattoo of the future! Hey Hades, can I have your arm? I need another one and it’ll get stuck on top my head.

I DO NOT want to know when they start swapping genitals and placing them in other spots…
Ryan “Look ma! Dave put his peeter on my knee!”
Dave “Ryan, dont trip!”

GOD that is so disgusting…

Oh Em Eff Gee… O_O;

I’m sorry… But that is just fucking… disgusting. Agh, so the arm just hangs there? What the fuck

That made me physically ill.

Steve - stay tuff.

That’s not art, that’s stupidity. Why in the hell would you give up a perfectly good limb just to hang lifelessly out of someones side? Come on now, what the fuck.

I simply don’t believe in it.

For one thing, they say that the implanted finger has sense of feeling in the tip. Well, I just don’t think that a nerve would regenerate that way so as to heal the sensitiveness.

Another point is that, if they ever implanted an arm in someone like that, the arm would never move. It lacks not only neural connections but also the support of the shoulder’s bones. Soon it would undergo atrohpy due to the lack of use, just like the legs of people who are stuck in weelchairs for too long.