Whoa, and I thought the THUNDERCATS Anime was surprising...



Looks like anime adaptations of western material are the new big fad. :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw, while I don’t care much for the series itself, I admit it IS well written (I watch episodes of it because there’s pretty much nothing else to watch on Friday nights here) so an Anime might be interesting. (The Japanese have done similar things before, stuff like Demon City Shinjuku). Unless of course, they want to sell it to the teenage audience, in which case get ready to hear shouts of DEMON KILLING GUN!! GO!!!

Oh, and the Yaoi fangirls will probably love it too. :wink:

LOL hey guys here is a funny anime, way more interesting that whatever this is about (note: I didn’t click the link but I already know):

Designs for the two main characters (MAYBE- it could just be fanart, the article itself isn’t sure): http://www.spinoffonline.com/2010/06/23/is-this-what-sam-and-dean-will-look-like-in-the-supernatural-anime/

Is it me, or do they look like Yugi’s two bumbling friends from YuGiOh? :hahaha;

There’s details about the animated series in there too.

Might as well take the chance to comment that: I think the next season of the live-action version is totally unnecessary. They already saved the world from the Apocalypse, what’s left? Fighting GOD himself?? (Btw the fifth season was indeed meant to be the last, but the producers want to milk it for one more season. Meh.)