who should be tenchi's lover

who should tenchi love? I dont think they ever resolved that in the series.
I never saw the last movie so I dont know if they did or not.

so i thought i would see who everyone else thinks tenchi should love.
(please explain your anser)
my vote goes to ryoko. spikey blue haired demons/space pirates are attractive. :moogle:

Which movie are you talking about? I’ve seen three of them, and though some hints can be seen if you dig for them, there really isn’t much you can use as evidence to show Tenchi will wind up with one of them.

Truthfully though, I hope it’d be Ryoko or some freaky thing happening where Tsunami and Ryoko somehow combine, and that’s who Tenchi winds up with. Which would make slight sense, seeing as how Ryoko’s source of power(the beads) are tied in with Tsunami somehow.

It wouldn’t be Ayeka; she has the grandfather. Or will someday, if she ever finds out he never aged. Mihoshi has Kiyone as a companion. Washu has her science, and she’s already loved someone once.

Edit: Ryo-oh-ki? She’s just a kid, she’ll probably find someone else along the way.

Beyond story plot whatnot, Ayeka is cute when she isnt being a raging bitch, and that only happens when Tenchi isnt with her. Plus her hairstyle is the cutest of all the girls… Princess Ayeka wins IMO. So does Tenchi… :slight_smile:

From what I hear, they WILL resolve this love triangle (FINALLY!) in a new movie.

Who do I vote for? Ryoko. Why? Because she’s the one who truly NEEDS him. All the others have lives beyond Tenchi; only Ryoko has nothing to look for if she loses Tenchi, other than to continue her career as a galactic pirate… which she probably won’t enjoy anymore, not after living with that nice guy Tenchi.

Um, I think it should be Ayeka. It just seems right. But, if Sasami was older…

I vote for Ryoko.

Its weak that Ryoko is obviously going to love tenchi. The show just has poor romance.