Who pays for this place?

Or is it free? Has anyone considered starting a subreddit or something? We could focus on what we were best at - not making shrines!

My timely investment in bitcoins is plenty to pay for this place for the next century. Also, by swearing off females and focusing more on bitcoins, I plan to soon start acquiring competing websites.

Also, I occassionally turn a few tricks in the alleyway outside the Blue Oyster

Probably some guy

I created a phone app that clicks the advertisements to this website all day long. Nobody gives a fuck.


Well I’m glad that ad revenue means nobody is paying out of pocket. Idea stands though; a sub reddit could help the community grow again. We could offer our expertise and that old-school irreverency for which we were known for. Same thing, more message boardish, but fewer shrines.

Don’t worry guys, once we switch over to a Wiki this site will have plenty of life again. It’s only a few days away, I swear.

So just out of curiosity, what’s happening with the main RPGC website?


A subreddit might be nice.

Well, I made one, but people have to post to give it life


Whaat I’m posting tomorrow fa sho! My reddit user name is m1sterpowers.

sorc you lied you never posted on the reddit

sorc lied a million children died

An unprecedented development where children were harmed from something not being posted on reddit.

If ads pay for this place, why did I spend my early 20s giving handjobs out behind the Olive Garden?



[QUOTE=Cless Alvein;859450]Well, I made one, but people have to post to give it life

Is this the same thing?

I don’t know what that is

Seems to be an auto-generated subreddit of all mentions of shrines.rpgclassics.com?