Who killed my chocobo?

Something has to be done. i want some honest opinions here. in FFX-2, when you get powerful enough, you can kill chocobo’s. i find this more than disturbing. i don’t think you can kill chocobo’s in any other FF’s, but i could be wrong. so does anyone do this for fun, or even know about it?

hey, how much exp could i get for one of them there chocobo’s…

Ah, but you can kill 'em in FFTactics. Annoying buggers they were in it. Not even poaching them was worth it >-<

And they have that Choco Ball and Choco Meteor

Not sure about FFX-2, but they really are pains in FFT. That all Chocobo battle. I had to reset so many times because I was solo-ing Ramza and then another when I did an all Dancer group.

Chocobos Give 0 EXP and 0AP in FFX-2. If you’ve Got Clasko in The Calm Lands Get some Greens off him and Feed them Like in FF7. The FF7 Chocobos were too fast to KO. But why, Kill a Chocobo. It just be a Ceil Chocobo.

Big Nutter
Wark!! Kweh!!

I think its kinda fun to wak a chocobo, hunt them sometimes for their feathers. I hate those stupid chocobos in Tactics, and once you have one, it breeds itself uncontrollably. Does any one know if you can neuter the damned things?

No, you can’t.

Anyway, Chocobos are just huge birds used for riding on. Would you find it so disturbing if you could kill wild horses?

Damn I really wanted to neuter the damn thingg. Hey, anyone want to try and breed them into our world and THEN neuter them?

Killing wild horses is illegal in some states. But really, who would want to kill a chocobo ? I mean sure, in FFT you would want to because they attacked you. but other than that…

And I still say, DEATH TO CHOCOBOS.

Then again, if we breed them into this world, you think they’d taste like chicken?

Lol, I didn’t know about the killing of the Chocobos in ffx-2. Pretty cool, I used to always take a whack at the chocobos in ff7 but theyd just scream and run away. :stuck_out_tongue:

You kill them for meat. I expect they taste like chicken. I like chicken. But they might also taste like ostrich. Which I also like. Either way, I win. Yay for me!!

Yeah, i remember them running away in FF7, but the thing that i find weird is that they are one of Square’s most recognisable mascots( apart from those moogle thingies), and i guess they were going for realism in FFX-2.
does anyone know if you could slice 'em up in FFX?

You never find any chocobos in battle in FFX, so I don’t think you can possibly hurt one. FFX doesn’t have too much chocobo in it. Mostly machina hovers and stuff like that.

but in FFX they used chocobos to power their boats didn’t they? cuz they were all like, “no we can’t use machina, that’s bad!”
So, people used machina more in FFX-2 than in FFX.

I wanna be a chocobo knight…

I want to not only kill chocobo and eat them, but I want to convince otheres to kill them also. They are like deer. I don’t know how things are where everyone else happens to live, but where I come from, deer season is the only thing that keeps the streets safe from those oversized, antlered rodents. After having played FFT, and having seen the overwhleming breeding power (and annoyance factor in battle) of chocobo, I fear that chocobo will become the second greatest hazard on the roads of southern Illinois, right behind the people in cars.

So do your patriotic duty and hunt chocobo for sport! :toast:

Yes and hunting deer is patriotic also…
so do that as well…

I find killing chocobos amusing…

Sooner or later, either GG or Val will show up and link to 2’s rant about hunting. 8P

Why do you hate Chocobos so much, anyways? I know they’re a bit irritating in FFT and FFX2 (due to Choco Meteor), but they have been very loyal companions throughout the series, and in a few of the FF games, they are the only way to get some of the greatest weapons, items and summons.

The only Chocobo I have much respect for is Boco from FFV, and the earliest of the fiends, back before they became such a comical being. I liked them when they were just mounts. My problem with them is that they rose too far from their roles as wild mounts, and became a rather comical feeling attraction in the game.

Okay I admit it. I’ve hated chocobos since my thirteenth birthday, when all I asked for was my own chocobo, and instead my parents got me a stupid blue sweater. Are you happy now!

poor delita…

I happen to like chocobos. Maybe it’s beacuse I can kweh like one. :hahaha;