Who is your favorite Ninja Turtle?

I pick Donny cuz he’s a big ol’ nerd. :slight_smile:

edit Damn, I should’ve put them in the order so that the poll bar colors matched the Turtles’ colors. :frowning:

Don, he was the brains

Raph! :smiley: But Donny is definitely close.

Raphael. He was the coolest, cause he was the rebel and was always angry. Yeah!!!

Raphael by the farthest!

  • so full of creeeezy!


Michaelangelo is my choice, because he’s a burnout like me.

Donatello - he’s got the cool bowstaff and is smart.


Yep, Leo was my favorite too.

I pretty much like them all equally. Although, wehn I was younger I really liked Donatello, so I voted for him.

Am I the only one here that thought Leo was kind of lame? I mean sure he’s a ninja turtle, so he’s automatically awesome. But he was always like “let’s go save the day, guys!” and “let’s work as a team!” he was always teaching morals. :noway:

Leo was the least ninja of them all. He also read Bushido texts and whatnot, aside from ninjitsu, so he was always the lamest to me.

I’d have to pick Raph. An angry, cynical, anti-authority ninja turtle is just about the coolest thing ever. If he could turn invisible, and fly, damn.
After him, Michaelangelo, the party dude and the one who just wants everybody to get along.
Then Donatello, because knowing usually bad poetry and technology is cooler than being a Samurai wannabe.
Leonardo, because he is a Samurai wannabe.

Leo, he has two katanas, and he kicks ass…enough for me to vote for him.

I didn’t like Leonardo when I was a kid, but now he’s actually pretty cool. Also, judging Leonardo because of his lack of ninjaness is pretty stupid since none of the Ninja Turtles really do any ninja stuff.

Splinter cause he could kick everyone of the TMNT asses!

but since he is not a choice I will go with Leonardo because he has 2 swords and and wears my favorite color blue.

:moogle: Michaelangelo cause he made nunchucks cool.

Are you kidding me? Pizza is the most ninja thing ever!

Traditionally, when I was a kid, and a HUGE Ninja Turtle fan, I liked Leonardo best. But as I grew older, I started liking Raphael more and more. I guess I like both of them now.

Anyone who can beat stuff with a stick wins. Donatello gets my vote.

I vote Raphael.

He was always pissed off, and I respect that.

Not to mention Sais are kick ass.

Donatello. He’s smart and cool-headed. Heck, He makes a better leader than Leonardo.

Plus he fights with a Bo stick. Yeah! :victoly: