who is the most loved cat

Only a admin can. I think???

oh well crap. :moogle:

hey admiral that new avatar of yours is that what you really look like or is it just a pic of someone else?

It’s a Vietnamese Singer named Dan Truong.

Ryo-ohki, the cabbit X3 If she counts. Butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth.

I choose Garfield, simply because these cats all suck (except maybe Lynx) and because he acts a lot like me, eat, sleep, and make witty remarks.

I thought you would be up on the Poll. ::doh::

Big Nutter
:ulty: Don’t Tease the Kitty! Kids

None of the above.

Lynx, from Chrono Cross. If he counts as a cat. I’m sure if Kimahri does, then Lynx surely can. He was pretty awesome, even if he was a bad guy. :mwahaha:

Heathcliff and the black cat from Trigun.

I like my own two cats…fuck those FF and anime ones.

Kaz is my favorite Cat. ^^