who is the most loved cat

hee hee guess who i voted for :moogle:

Kimahri’s not a cat. And Garfield wins.

They all suck- especially Garfield and Cait Sith- which isn’t even a cat. It’s a fucking stuffed cat on a stuffed moogle.

bight me loki.

and kimahri is a demi human which is kinda a cat. ok he sayes he is a ronso but thats pretty much just a breed of demi humans.

and since cait sith is a cat doll he still counts.

suck it loki :moogle:

Psst, learn to spell.

Also, Kimhari isn’t a cat. How many cats walk on their hind legs, have a horn, blue fur, and can talk?

When does Ronso = Cat?

Nuku Nuku >_>;

“Other” is always a good option to have in a popularity contest-ish poll, by the way :wink:

Most loved cat? Toss up between Buzz and Greyfur, my two REAL kitties. ^^

Honorable mention to StarStorm, I suppose, since he’s legit staff now.

Of the list, I’ll pick Cait Sith from FF7, not because he’s that great but because:

Reeve was so badass.

I probably didn’t need that spoiler tag, but I did it as a courtesy to the .01% of the population here that hasn’t played FF7 yet.

I’m the most loved cat here. paws the forum

I don’t love any kind of cat.
I’m allergic :stuck_out_tongue:
(And don’t mention the hairless ones. Even though I’m not allergic to them they’re creepy, so I don’t like them either :P)

I’d be ashamed of you if you weren’t, considering the competition.

Edit: Also, the fact that you topic maker spelled Bloody Roar as Bloody War makes me question your knowledge of the series, when you don’t even know the title and all.

typings a pain in the ass… but I’d vote Starstorm…

RAR! You forgot Kuroneko? from Trigun and then theres a cat from Rurouni Kenshin, the cats from Sailor moon, or my kitty Oreo(black and white colored of course). Uh what other cats are there? Though i think my vote goes to the Spaz, or else i’d be bleeding profusely.

Where’s my cat?

My cat, Max, is the best of them all! Bow down to El MooMoo!

But, I voted for Kirara, or as you so fondly put it, “that fat cat off of Inuyasha.”


Pappy I think Cait means Kagomes cat, Buyo, as it is a bit chubby. Kirara isn’t really fat , of course it can be tiger big, but i dont think its fat. Buyo But he forgot Kirara! The cutest kitty on an anime, he shall pay. Sick boy! Kirara licks Cait and rubs against him DOh!

Uriko~~~~ :ulty:

Garfield all the way!

ok im finaly back from my trip. oh yeah i noticed the typo on bloody roar that was a big mistake. does anyone know how to edit a poll thread. :moogle: