Who is more offputting? Charlemagne or Hades?

I think Charlemagne is. I think if someone talked to him that person would more likely not come back to RPGC than if that same person spoke to Hades.

I stayed. probably won’t leave. like an infection.

I’m not going to vote in this, because it’s a public poll.

Hades. He’s the God of death. Obviously dead people can’t post.

You’re in over your head Char. Off-putting as you may be, this will be a landslide victory for me.

Oh, fine. I won’t be a pussy about it. :stuck_out_tongue:

This poll raises an interesting question. Why don’t we have naked lesbian twins greet new posters when they show up (assuming of course that Hades and Charlie are not twins or simultaneously nekkid when they greet their unsuspecting victim). I’m kinda certain that would increase the membership of the site.

And while I would place my vote for Wil, I got a good feeling that the real culprit is this :hahaha; guy.

Man, remember when all we talked about was silly things like Naked Lesbian Twins? Now we’re doing polls to see who is more obnoxious? Bleh.

C’mon Charle! Remember when you were doing TA Crazy Funny stuff? Eat our faces again or something!!

I’m dismayed at the lack of a The 984 option.

What, five votes for Charlemagne and only six for Hades? Anyone who voted for Charlemagne just can’t let go of the past. Get over it! Hades is the real asshole… I mean winner, here!

:hahaha; <-- maybe tied with that guy though.

Videospirit is my new favourite person on the boards :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m less off putting and more on turning.

Can I change my vote for Wilfredo?

There’d have to be negative votes for that choice