Who has a better name?

Which baseballer has the better name? Milton Bradley or Coco Crisp?

Well, I was going to say VickiMints, but then I actually read the poll.

Who do they play for?

Milton Bradley for the Oakland A’s and Coco Crisp for the Red Sox, I believe.

Does that really matter? :stuck_out_tongue: I vote for Milton, because Coco Crisp cuts the roof of my mouth. :frowning:

I’m going to have to go with Milton Bradley because a name like Coco Crisp will get a kid teased until they’re big enough to beat the crap out of their tormentors, and that isn’t my idea of a good name.

Coco Crisp, fuck you guys.

Coco Crisp, because it reminds me of chocolate. :booster:

Coco Crisps cause I <3 choclate cereals!

Mitlton Bradley, because I love board games.

Coco Crisp meng, because when you go coco chicks go loco ese

Coco cuz the sox rewl lolz

SOX aint nothing compared to the NY yanks
I would have to say Milton Bradley becuase i hate the sox

lol. yankees sux

Same here, but you weren’t there. I pickezorzed Coco.

How about ‘milky milky coco puffs’. HM?

if you ever say that agian ima slap you titties around
yanks are the best sports franchise team ever

lol. yankees sux

lol. yankees sux

wont be so funny when they win the World Series