Who gets the anime network?

How is it? I want to see it, but it’s available in severely select areas.

the in-demand anim e network? cuz i get that…and so far nothing really worthwhile has been on that ive seen…arc the lad, and lodoss…have been all even remotely worth it

I don’t have the real Anime Network, but I have the On Demand one!

Locomotion is good enough for me. I just download everything else.

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Yeah, I’m not talking about the VOD.

It’s still really limited. There’s only two, TWO cities in all of wisonsin that have it, and only like 4 or 5 cable providers nationwide. I went to request it via the zip code (put in your zip code and it does it automatically) and it didnt have ours in the list.

i wonder if i can get it? you got a link where you can do this requaet thingy?


I dont know why I want it so bad if it’s all dubbed. I guess its’ just the fact that it’s all…there. I’m sure they got other stuff too, maybe japanese pop culture stuff, and games and music and whatever, the same kind of stuff that’s in newtype

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