Whirlpool down again.

The Attitude Barn is still open, but the rest of the site looks like it’ll be down until Nightcrawler starts running the show, mingled with some romhacking.com-ish content.

Well, we’re kind of old-fashioned in our methodolgy, a point I can’t disagree with. Unfortunately, being the old fart I am with a job and all that crap, I don’t have time to rebuild from scratch. Stay tuned to Nightcrawler’s Romhacking.com. Quality translation news with a 24 hour turn-around. High time to pass the torch. I don’t want to become the site that just won’t admit it’s dead.

I don’t see why they couldn’t have just left the site up until NightCrawler had his thing going. Besides, I thought NightCrawler’s site was only going to be a beefed up Romhacking.com-esque site not a Whirlpool replacement?

Uhm…lets hope it will pop up sometime soon…

Or you could all keep posting news on this forum and make it the new hive of scum and villainy.

PS: I love you all, like a puppy to a man’s leg.

Donut’s back up, y’all.

Thanks god! :cool: