While I mean no disrespect...

I think we were talking about Starcraft, that sure was a fun game.

Liar! If it was about Starcraft I would have posted in it, and I don’t remember posting in it

I think you randomly started talking about your wild theories on overlord rushes.

Nobody suspects the OVERLORD!

But it’s more fun when they’re full of something, like cream filled zerglings or chocolate hydras.

Now I’m starting to get hungry- thanks guys! >:(

I’m already hungry god dammit, sometimes I can’t take a lunch break at my job. However ,that means I come home one hour earlier to play wow :D.

Fuck that shit, we should play SC more. But noooo everyone’s SOOOOO busy playing World of WUSScraft. Damnit. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Kagon, get on the chat some times, it’s the fucking summer and we should talk about shit, and you’re never on AIM when I check. Not that I’m even on the computer a whole lot anymore anyways, but I’m always on at SOME point in the day. I leave it to you to sit around waiting for me to come around. :smiley:

And Chuh, since I never ever catch you in the chat or anywhere, I’m telling you right now that chances are somewhat large that I ain’t hittin’ up SJSU til January. :confused: I’m really sorry, just expect me not to be there in August, I’d say.

That sucks man, I was just about to PM you to find out what the deal is. What happened?

I got too many characters in WoW, I like my shaman, hunter and DOCTOW WIWY, but I barely got time to play one even less three.

I miss the days of SC, somewhat.

Yeah, you ditch me instead and never ask em to get on Blastocoel :P.

SG : What happened o_O??

Was it that dastardly housing, SG? :open_mouth:

I’m going to start a character on Llane, although it’d be alliance so uh, yeah.

and guys, I found that other awesome thread!!
it’s “closed” around page 9.

Do we dare necropost and have TWO mod only threads? :open_mouth:

Yeah Chuh, you know how you have to pay the first rent straight up cash? I can’t afford that. :confused: I told you right from the beginning that that would be a problem. I don’t like to throw it around much, but man, I am seriously POOR. You know how some people say they’re ‘poor’? Well like, I’m ACTUALLY poor. :stuck_out_tongue: And for that matter, I couldn’t afford summer school to do my last two GE’s, either, so I have to stay here one more semester for two classes.

My brother insists that I go up to Humboldt for one year so that I don’t lose any time, but whatever. I’m gonna call SJSU and see if my provisional acceptance will extended to me until January.

What the hell is Llane? Some loser server? Man foo, join Smolderthorn! We need more gnomish awesome!

Make a mage on smolderthorn , Merl. Join Zero (cough) and me. We haven’t gotten very far yet for various reasons and 3 gnomes would rock. You have no idea how powerful multimage parties are >.>

Woo EU servers woo.

Boo WoW. Boo.

Given the circumstances, I thought this would be an entirely appropriate time to mention that I enjoy barbecued chicken.