While I mean no disrespect...

Ive noticed that lately there have been lots of threads closed for different reasons. While I personally have no complaints against it (or wont voice them here), I have noticed that several of the admins/mods are taking the chance of closed threads to make “free posts”. While I dont disagree with posting in a closed thread in the capacity to chastise someone, I do think that being able to, doesnt mean you have to, for whatever reason. And I belive that some are taking this privlage out of hand. Thank you for listening to my concern, and I hope it will be addressed accordingly.

Luke Skywalker

durr ewe r b4need p3n3dj00z!!!11


(but yeah you have a good point. I for one will try to stop, even though it’s tempting)

This would’ve been more appropriate for the MB help forum. And also, threads get closed depending on the nature of the threads. If people spam the fuck out of our forums, then more threads will get closed than when they don’t regardless of how many get made. What’ll happen is that less threads will be closed if people that get spamming get banned and thus aren’t there to continue spamming our forums :P. Or if people just stop fucking around against the rules. When it comes to posting in closed threads, we don’t do it that frequently and when we do do it, its not really a free post as we all know what a free post is and what’s for. Its not because we do it in part for shits and giggles that its a free post and its not because we do it in part for shits and giggles that its something we should be chastised about. If you have an existential problem with it, send me a pm and we’ll poke at it in the mb admin forum. If not, lighten up.

I would like to say we mods did once have that Porn thread that had like two pages of mod/admin posts after it had been closed. But that is neither here nor there.

That was hilarious. :smiley:

Boy I sure hope that doesn’t happen again in this thread. Now THAT would be ironic.

You said it, Chuh.

Good memories, but how long ago was that anyway? Time seems so fuzzy sometimes.

Let’s keep posting here until we remember the exact date without using the thread search function. What fun!

Oh, yeah. I remember that. I remember it because I didn’t read it. Because it was dumb and all.

Dumb like your face.

984: 1, Epic: 0

What, did your mom teach you that one?

No. TD did. :slight_smile:

Technically, I taught it to HIS mom, who taught it to him.

All I remember about that thread was that a lot of video game stuff was being talked about. Which is new, of course.

Yeah. If we started talking about video games now, we’d have to move this thread to the VG Forum discussion. After all, we don’t want to abuse our powers by talking about topics in the wrong forums.

But then one of us would have to stop being lazy and actually move it- that’s no fun.

Here’s another thread, close it and then just go wild with your hypocritical spamming.


Do that again