which web comic deserves a movie.

personaly im a tie between 8 bit and homestar runner. :moogle:

My favorite is Kid Radd.I think it’s the best web comic that I read.

Web comics into movies.

Well, I guess they’ve done everything else.

Only one I’ve read out of that is 8-bit, but I’m not sure it’d make a great movie. Maybe Elgoonish Shive or the Wotch.

8-bit theater ruuuuuuulz…

Bob and George.

8-Bit Theatre already has one!
I forgot the address though.

The Clarence Principle!

Van Von Hunter, but only if it were anime…no more live action, please. >.< shudder

Online Life, cause I’m in it!

I think I’m still in it anyways…I might have been kicked off the team. I haven’t read it in a long time, heh.

Something Positive, if only so i can play it to my eventual neices and nephews, and tell my siblings I thought “it was a family movie” when they come back to the eventual chaos.

And people think I don’t like Kids. ^^

Those choices suck. In fact, so does Bob and George.

A Modest Destiny would make a great movie.

Kidd Radd and Captain Super Nes both feature some of the BEST writing I’ve ever seen in my 30-year life as a Fan (Tho’ you have to dig under a ton of jokes to notice it!) I would love to see either adapted to another medium. (Though KR would have a better chance, it’s less convoluted than SNES and doesn’t use copyrighted characters.)

Homestarrunner isn’t really a webcomic. They have movies anyway. Very short movies, but movies none the less.
My vote goes to Sluggy Freelance.

Sluggy or El Goonish Shive

Probably El Goonish Shive

How come no one’s mentioned MegaTokyo?


*Not mentioning Megatokyo in the “Which webcomic deserves a movie”-thread may or may not be blasphemy depending on your religion and definition of the word “blasphemy”.

No one’s suggested Megatokyo yet because it is such a supremely awesome comic, it is assumed by all that it will have it’s own movie(s).
Speaking of which, anyone think Erika is going to go homocidal on Monday?

Or Underpower. I won’t link to it here because it sometimes contains nekkid subbubi/catgirls/both. Underpower would make an awesome movie, if made right.

None. Webcomics wouldn’t make good movies, and nobody’s mentioned MegaTokyo because A) Megatokyo sucks and B) It would take 53 movies just to make it to a slight inkling of storyline.

Yeah, I never really found MegaTokyo funny. I think each comic is too long. Like, it’s a lot of Penny Arcade, but PA works because it’s three panels. If MegaTokyo shoretened it up a bit it could be as funny.

Could be.

Hell yeah, Homestar Runner! I’m sorry but Strong Bad kicks everyone’s ass.

Homestarrunner isn’t really a webcomic. They have movies anyway. Very short movies, but movies none the less.

C’est vrai.