Which type of anime do you prefer?

Series that, even after their end, still leave the watcher wondering exactly what the hell just happened. Plotlines are obscure and remain so, small things that seem inconsequential have a deeper meaning to them psychologically or symbolically.

Neon Genesis Evangelion and End of Evangelion
Serial Experiments Lain
Boogiepop Phantom

Series that, when they end, you know everything. There is usually only one expanation for the events that took place, and by the end of the plot revelations you know exactly what the creator wanted you to know. Plotlines are simple enough or obscure but to be revealed later, small things may become important late on in the plot.

Full Metal Alchemist
Mobile Suit Gundam: SEED

Of course these are extremely broad generalisations, but I was just wondering what you guys thought.

Pretty conclusive.

Mind blowing leaves too much sequal possibility!!

if its a good anime i watch it, if i get it which i dont get alot where i am. But… still, i like any type really.

Let me make this simple. If it’s good I watch it.

I go for any type, but Mind-fucking more so. And I mean Mind-Fucking like Kikaider. And when I say “Mind-fucking like Kikaider”, I mean philosophical stuff, such as ‘Would we be better off being mere machines, never having to choose?’ and ‘As humans are we fundamentally flawed, like an android with a defect Conscious circuit?’

I mean, Evangelion is one of the few things that are as mind-fucking as Kikaider. And that’s saying something.

FMA for life \m/

I like Mind Fucking more than conclusive, Big thanks to whoever mentioned Kikaider. Very Mind Blowing anime. I unfortunately have only seen three episodes. And I was very surprised that Cartoon Network even aired it (Was probably the best anime I ever saw on [adult swim]). But Cartoon Network has the gall to keep airing InuYasha reruns(I would like to see Inuyasha dipped, a la Who Framed Roger Rabbit). Lupin the 3rd isn’t too bad, though. but a bit too conclusive. I like it because Lupin’s always running from the law, like me.
I also thought Urotsukidoji was a mindfuck as well. It was a very twisted hentai porno anime. It didn’t theme itself on lame jokes and corniness like most hentai, but rather, exposed a darker side of hentai where the story is centered on a supreme sex villain who was able to rape multiple virgin Japanese girls with his scores of demon cocks(they came out from every possible spot in his body, also). I watched the First four parts of it, but there’s two or three more in the series. I wonder if the Overfiend is ever actually defeated?

dude is that sarcasm…cuz if not your officially my favorite person alive…cuz thats just so…odd…i dont have a preference… mindfucking is always fun cuz then you go back and watch it again…and like 5 more times cough eva cough but with animes like trigun a mind fuck wouldnt fit and hellsing a mindfuck would fit but it also fits as a conclusive.

umm…Either/or probably. Any anime that’s even slightly interesting will keep my attention with a few exceptions.


Most animes on caroon network are inconclusive because they never have the last episodes of anything.

This guy sums it up in but a few words