Which one?

Which character did you most want to see dead?
Seymore from FFX because he JUST.WOULDN’T.DIE.

G-man, from Half Life2. He’s such a bastard, he’s worse than the Breene, or whoever the surrender guy was. I’d love to beat his brains in with a crowbar.

gotta love the crowbar

Kuja, FF IX. I didn’t really want him to die, I just wanted him to SHUT THE FUCK UP. And this is the wrong Forum.

Which one then?

While I really liked almost every aspect of FFIX, and of course one of the FF rules of thumb is that not only does there have to be a set of skills obtained by immitating enemies, but also, if that set of skills are character specific, then that character is some form of comic relief, the only character I wanted to see get snapped up by the midgar zolom, drowned by ultros, consumed by the atma weapon, or blasted from orbit by our beloved bahamut, is quina. The whole character just made me want to have my eyes surgically removed, and then dipped into a hot spring, and reinserted as to cleanse my orbs of that asthetic nightmare.

The voiceactor of Roan in Grandia 2. Please… just don’t… even try… my ears bleed!

And of course the whiny lil’ girl whatsherface in Terrangima. Right, boys?

General Leo. He was such a self-assured jackass >>;;


Personally, I would have gone for the skater brat. That choreography was repeated so much I just wanted to shove that skate and my pole up his arse.

I’m starting to become exceedingly glad I never played Terrangima.


It’s most wanted dead. Not happiest when saw they were. :mwahaha:

It was Wallace Breen who’s that “Administrator.” Believe you me, I know how tempting it is to try and waste ammo on the G-Man. HL2 is an incredible game but I also cursed us with not being able to shoot friendlies. I’d wanna figure out who or what that G-Man is, then decide when he or it lives or dies.


Wasn’t this topic already done? And in the Polling Forum?

Eden, that was awesome, lol. Annoying little fairies. :smiley:

That thing was one of the most annoying things on the planet as far as VGs go. That floating cloud motherfucker from Mario 64 was pretty bad as well…just not as often as the fairy. Oh yeah…and who could forget how fun it was to kill scientists in HL or everyone in the Hitman games…but now you can’t in HL2. Pity…

It’s most wanted dead. Not happiest when saw they were. :mwahaha:[/QUOTE]

Thanks for spoiling, motherfucker.

You are kidding right? We’ve been yelling AERIS DIES!!!:smiley: without spoiler tags for quite a while now.