Which of the J-Horror movie is the best?

The Grudge or the Ring? Quite honestly I think the Grudge is better.

You mean the original version or the remakes?

Never saw the originals, though I hear they’re really freaky. I meant the american versions.

I never saw The Grudge, but I saw both the remake and original Rings. The remake had more attempts at showing the viewer things that were logically impossible. It’s like Western people need to be convinced that something supernatural is the cause.

The thing I did like about the original was the facial expressions people had when Samara attacked them in their minds. Instead of the drowned corpse look in the remake they had their faces frozen in fear.

The Grudge I saw was such a superior movie to the Ring, but then again, it had more help with the actual director of that movie, where Americans really took over and dominated the Ring remake.

In that respect, I’m really looking forward to The Eye remake. They’re going to make it more Grudge-like. I wonder if they’ll change the ending as well.

Haven’t heard of that. Is it any good?

It’s ok. Kinda Ring-like where the characters have to solve a mystery, Grudge-like where the protagonist sees black spectres everywhere, but it also has a romantic ending. You could find a torrent somewhere I’m sure.

would love to, but torrents don’t want to seem to work for me.

I like the films better before they’re westernized. :confused:

Just saw the grudge 2 recently. The first one was way better.